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Welcome to the Motion-Pictures section of my website.
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Flash Animation

Video & Motion Graphics

"Sepia Dreams" TRT 1:04
A haunting musical score collides with
visual wallpaper taking the viewer on an
existential journey into nothingness.
Quicktime: HI>7.8mb MED>6mb LO>3.5mb
Windows Media Player 8.0megs
"Pamela Punch"
"Learn Not To Burn" TRT 3:00
Informational video for Kinesys Sport
Performance Sunscreen.
Written, directed, edited and all
motion-graphics by myself.
Quicktime: HI>7.2mb LO>3.6mb
"Pool views"
"Life-Style Smile"
"Custom Robo" TRT 1:00
Nintendo E3 trade show editing samples.
All footage edited from game play and
sample movies.
Quicktime: 3.6mb
"New Global Projections"